About Us

NACOS which stands for Nigeria Association of Computing Students(NACOS) formerly known as Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students(NACOSS) Students is one of the oldest associations in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). NACOS generally is one of the present association in most universities in Nigeria as a result of it's reputable standards and dedication by her leaders. This is expressed in her slogan "Towards Advanced Computing". The standards have been followed and improved upon from teams to teams in different institutions and collectively.
The FUNAAB Department is currently headed by Professor Olusegun Folurunso

Prof Olusegun Folorunso

Head of Department
Computer Science

Team ...

NACOS FUNAAB is currently led by a team of 11 known as "Team ..." led by Okezie Austin Phoenix (president).
Their objective is to discover the opportunities prevalent in NACOS and to tackle her problems.

Comr. Okezie Austin Phoenix
Comr. Adeniyi Oluwasegun (SG)
Vice President
Comr. Ekisola Babatunji (D_Basic)
General Secretary
Comr. lorem Ipsum
Financial Secretary
Comr. Ogundele Samuel (Oblack)
Social Director
Comr. lorem Ipsum
Software Director
Comr. Oloba Idowu Elizabeth
Welfare Director
Comr. Babatunde Similoluwa
Public Relation Officer
Comr. Akinbami Abdulmuiz Ayodeji
Asst Gen Sec
Comr. Orobiyi Stephen Rotimi (Tuspark)
Comr. Utti Ikechukwu Emmanuel
Sport Director